About Us
What Makes Us Green?

About What Makes Us Green?

What makes us green?
Green Women's Health, targeting USGBC, LEED-CI® Silver

Our Philosophy
Holistic approach to Women’s Health & Wellness

Office location
Our Office is located near many community resources, Our Office is located near many bus and metro stops, Long term lease shows a commitment to conserving resources

Conserve Energy
We're a Carbon Neutral Company
Equipment has been selected to reduce harmful CFCs, Selected Lighting fixtures optimize Energy Performance, Daylighting & Views are obtained in most spaces, Energy Star Appliances reduced energy demand

Air Quality
Our Office Building is a smoke-free environment
High Quality Air Filters are installed to provide cleaner, healthier air

Carpet & Furniture Systems contain high recycled content, Rapidly Renewable Materials reduce the use of finite raw materials, Certified Wood use encourages responsible forest management, Paints and Adhesives are selected to limit VOCs. Washington Wellness Institute was featured in an article by the Wall Street Journal, on "Medicine Starts Thinking Green".

Waste Reduction
Storage and Collection of Materials on site encourage recycling


To learn more about how you too can go green, contact us.